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How tobuy

Please register first before you haveany purchase.

Click "Register" at the topright corner, and enter the phone number for login.Then you will receive theverification code sent by us, please enter it and set your password. Aftercompleting the registration, you can start shopping at any time!

Please select a product category (beds,pillows, bedding, baby/children, etc.), and then check the items you areinterested in. You can click on the photo to zoom in to view the details andselect the size as well.

After selecting the goods, you can click"Continue" to browse another products or just click " Shoppingcart” to confirm the good and quantity and then "Confirm Order".

To confirm the order, please fill inyour email address for receiving the confirmation email. Then you will soonreceive an email with the verification code. Please enter the verification codefor the next step.

Please click "New address" andenter the address accordingly. Please make sure that the information is correctfor the delivery.

After confirming the order informationand the shipping costs, please read and tick "Accept the terms of use anddelivery” and “Delivery and Exchange Policy" and "ConfirmOrder".

It will jump to the payment page, pleaseclick "credit card" as the payment method.

Please enter the relevant cardinformation accordingly to complete the payment process. After finished the payment,you will receive an email confirming the order.

2. How can I confirm the order and the payment?

The total amount of orders will be shownon the checkout page, including shipping fees and extra discounts for products(if applicable). Please click "Submit". On the next page, pleaseselect your credit card as the payment method and click "ConfirmPayment". It will be redirected to the AsiaPay payment page. Please enterthe credit card information accordingly. After finished the payment, you willreceive an email of confirmation order.

3. Do we accept orders from Macao, overseas or China?

We only accept orders from Hong Kong bynow, and the scope of delivery is limited to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the NewTerritories and designated outlying islands.

4. Can I use coupons? How to use it?

Sure. Please click the “magnifier” nextto the column or just enter the coupon code in the column before the payment.


1. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash;

2. Each coupon code can only be usedonce and will not be returned;

3. Coupon can only be used per order pertime;

4. Coupons should be used within thestated period of validity and expired;

5. It is forbidden to publish, forward,or disclose the coupon code on the Internet or any public forum.


* The use method is based on the actualinstructions for each coupon.

* We reserves all rights for all couponcodes from time to time to change, modify, suspend or cancel any coupon code orrelated activities at any time.


If you have any questions, please feelfree to contact us at

5. Can you help to order products from retail stores and provide delivery services?

 We do not provide ordering services atthis time. For more details, please send email to

6. Forgot your login password?

If you forgot your password, click on"Login" at the right corner and click "Forgot Password".


Please enter your phone number or emailaddress. The system will send the verification code by SMS or email to you.After entering the verification code, you can reset your password and log inagain.

If you need to change your password,please click on “My Account” and click “Change Password”, enter the originalpassword and new password, and “Save”.

7. How to track the order status?

After completed the transaction, youwill receive an "Order Confirmation" email with order information.Meanwhile, you may also log in to "My Account" and click "OrderList" to check on the details and the order status.

Deliveryand shipping fees

1. How much for the shipping fees?


HKD50 /Free (Orders over HKD300)


The basic shipping fee for each mattress is HK$150 and surcharges (if applicable). 

Customers are requested to pay directly in cash.

* Net amount refers to the amount of net goods after deducting used shopping coupons, shopping vouchers, other discounts, and shipping charges.

** Free delivery service only applies to all bedding category orders.

2. Delivery time and date of bedding and mattress?

1 Bedding

1.1 All bedding orders are shipped byKerry Logistics.

1.2 It takes around 1-3 working days toprocess the orders. Then the products will be soon shipped from our warehouseto Kerry Logistic.

1.3 Once shipped, Kerry Logistics willsend you an “Order Confirmation” SMS with the order number and logisticsinformation for customers to track the order.It is expected to receive theproducts around 7-10 workings days once your order is placed.

1.4 The drivers from Kerry Logisticswill contact the customer an hour before the delivery time and location.

1.5 The general delivery time is:

Monday to Saturday (except Sundays andpublic holidays)

Delivery time:09:00-18:00 (Monday toSaturday)

09:00-13:00 (Saturday in industrialarea)

* Please note that post office boxes andany controlled areas are not able to arrange delivery services.

* Delivery dates for Tung Chung City areon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Delivery services are not available inthe following areas: Ma Wan, Chek Lap Kok (including Hong Kong InternationalAirport), Hong Kong Disneyland, Discovery Bay, Ngong Ping 360, Cheung Chau,Lantau Island, Mui Wo, Tai O, Peng Chau and Lamma Island.

*If the actual shipping cost of theorders’ address is different from the original ones, you must pay the extrafees directly to Kerry Logistics when you pick up the goods.

++ SF Express self-pick up service

In order to provide a better shopping experience, Casablanca eshop has included SF Express station and service center for pick-up service. Customers can choose pick-up locations on the checkout page to enjoy more flexible pick-ups.

*Please provide a valid mobile phone number for receiving notification of pickup SMS from sf express.

* After the order is delivered to the designated SF Express Station, the SF Express will send a sms to notify the customers. Please pick up the goods within three days after you have received the sms notice.

**If the shipment arrives at the self-collection Centre or the customer is successfully contacted, the free storage period will be 6 days from the day the customer is contacted. If the customer fails to pick up the goods within the free storage period, the storage surcharge will begin on the 7th day. Pickups / dispatches will be charged on the same day.

Fees are as follows:

Express weight Charge amount

0.5 kg or less                                  Waived fees

More than 0.5 kg # to 40 kg HKD/MOP 1 per day per kilogram*

# More than 0.5 kg but less than 1 kg is also calculated as 1 kg

--- Final charges will be rounded to the total charge

**** If you need to relocate to a different area of the SF station or service center for pickup, customers need to pay for extra service fee $10HKD.

2. Mattress

2.1 All mattresses are sent directlyfrom our warehouse and are delivered by us.

2.2 It takes around 20 working days todeliver after the order is placed. We will directly contact with the customerfor arranging the delivery time and date.

2.3 One day before the delivery, ourlogistic department will call the customer to confirm the delivery address andtime.

2.4 If the delivery address cannot bereached by lifts, customer need to pay additional fee HK$50 /each floor foreach piece. The sixth floor is $60 HKD and it is up to the sixth floor.

2.5 If the truck (5.5 tons or more)cannot get through the building door and needs to push the goods, or if thebuilding does not have a lift or the goods are too large to enter, the customeris required to pay extra fees. It will be further negotiated with the customerbefore shipping.

2.6 We are not responsible for anypurchases that cannot be entered or installed due to limitations in the size ofthe door of the home or other circumstances.

2.7 If there are bad weather warning andother sudden incidents, the delivery service will be suspended and we willcontact the customer to make further arrangements.

* Please note any controlled areas are notable to arrange delivery services.

*The following remote areas will besubject to an additional surcharge of HK$150 per order: Tung Chung, Ma Wan, andOutlying Islands (only for delivery to the outside port terminals). DiscoveryBay requires a surcharge of HK$300 per order.

*All mattress orders will be arranged according to the quantity of stocks orwill be ordered in a timely manner. After order is confirmed, we will contact youwithin 3 working days.

3. Miss the delivery or want to change the delivery time?

1.      Bedding

1.     Noworries. Kerry Logistic will try to dispatch the items for twice. If there isno one received the products, Kerry Logistic will leave a message or call thecustomer and will send it again on the next business day.

2.     If thecustomer has received the order tracking number (via sms), it is welcome tocontact Kerry Logistic to arrange the delivery time or request anotherarrangements.

Kerry Express - Call +852 3513 0888


1.     If thereis any change in delivery address or time, customers must call us at +852 26875113 within two working days before the scheduled delivery date. Otherwise, wewill charge HK$ 150 per bed and extra fees for remote areas (if applicable).

2.     The newdelivery date must be three working days after the change of the date.

3.     If thecustomers are not available to collect the mattress within the specified time,we can provide 3 months free storage period. If it exceeds three months, wewill charge deposit fee of $200 per month(less than a month will also becounted as a month).

4. What if the items are not received?


1. If the customer fails to receive orpick up the goods within seven working days after it is shipped, or if it isreturned due to reasons such as unsuccessful delivery and rejection fromrecipients, such packages will be returned our warehouses.

2. We will not arrange delivery until ourcustomer service team successfully contact the customers to follow up on thedelivery.



1. If the delivery needs to berescheduled due to customers’ personal reasons, the customer must pay HK$150per bed and surcharges in remote areas (if applicable) as administrative fees.

2. Thenew delivery date must be three working days after the change of the date.

3.If the customers are not availableto collect the mattress within the specified time, we can provide 3 months freestorage period. If it exceeds three months, we will charge deposit fee of $200per month (it will be counted as a month even if it is less than a month).


Order payment method and currency

1. What payment method can I use to make my purchase?

Weaccept MasterCard® or Visa credit cards for online payment. The currency willbe Hong Kong dollars.

2. Is there a transaction limit for online shopping?

Forsecurity reasons, the maximum amount of online shopping for each transaction isHK$100,000.

1. What should I do if the product has quality problems?

It will be exchanged ONLY on faulty items oritems send in error.Product pictures are for reference only.

Please contact us by sending email to along with a photo of the defective part ofthe product, order number and product code within 14 days from the date of yourreceipt. After checked and approved by us, you may contact any localcourier services to collect the return package. We will bear the delivery costsfor return (up to $80 and please keep the receipt) and arrange exchange within14 working days.

Returning address:
5/F Yan Hing Centre, 9-13 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fo Tan,Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Please notice that:

1.         Allreturn and exchange are only for regular priced items. Sales items are notincluded.

2.         Anydamaged, washed, modified, tailor made or broken products, used pillows orquilt and gifts cannot be returned or refunded.

3.         Anyrequest of return or refund over 14 days will be declined.

4.         Please keep the products in good condition and has all its labels on it.

5.         In case of any dispute, Casablanca HK reserves the right of final decision.

For any inquiries, please contact us via

2. What should I do if I want to return my size or style?

Sorry, we do not accept any refund or return once the order is confirmed. Please make sure of the size and style before the payment.

3. How long can I get back the exchanged items?

After we received your request and the returned goods, our customer service team will follow up as soon as possible. It takes about 14 working days.

4. If I cannot get the parcel due to personal problems, can i go to the store and pick up?

We do not provide store pick-up service at the moment. If you want to change the delivery time, please send an email to us or call Kerry Logistics directly.

5.How to get back the exchanged items?

Please go to:

802B Fortress Tower, 250 King’sRoad, Hong Kong

Store Phone: 31074855

Opening hours: 11:00am-08:00pm


WorkshopNo. L(1), 3rd Floor Camelpaint Building, Block III, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong

Store Phone: 34210651

Opening hours: 11:00am-08:00pm

Rm 1721, Park-In CommercialCentre, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok

Phone: 31014891

Opening hours: 11:00am-09:00pm


Shop 11, G/F, Yuen Fat Building, 71 SauFu Street, Yuen Long

Store Phone: 24336399

Opening hours: 11:00am-09:00pm

Return and Refund

1. Can i refund or return?

Once the order is confirmed, we will not accept any return and request of refund.

If you have any problems with the products’ quality, please contact us by with the order number, name and phone number within 7 working days of receiving the shipment. We will follow up as soon as possible .All exchange requests are limited to regular-priced items and do not apply to all promotions or special offers.

All product pictures are for reference only.