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1.Please register first before you have any purchase.

2.Click "Register" at the top right corner, and enter the phone number for login.Then you will receive the verification code sent by us, please enter it and set your password. After completing the registration, you can start shopping at any time!

3.Please select a product category (beds, pillows, bedding, baby/children, etc.), and then check the items you are interested in. You can click on the photo to zoom in to view the details and select the size as well.

4.After selecting the goods, you can click "Continue" to browse another products or just click " Shopping cart” to confirm the good and quantity and then "Confirm Order".

5.To confirm the order, please fill in your email address for receiving the confirmation email. Then you will soon receive an email with the verification code. Please enter the verification code for the next step.

6.Please click "New address" and enter the address accordingly. Please make sure that the information is correct for the delivery.

7.After confirming the order information and the shipping costs, please read and tick "Accept the terms of use and delivery” and “Delivery and Exchange Policy" and "Confirm Order".

8.It will jump to the payment page, please click "credit card" as the payment method.Please enter the relevant card information accordingly to complete the payment process. 

9.After finished the payment, you will receive an email confirming the order.

If you want to know about order status,please enter "My Account" to check out the order details.